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Compliant.  Accurate.  Unique.

Locating Place of Employment information with a commitment to FDCPA compliance and Right Party information 

Why add GHI to your Waterfall Outsourcing Model?

GHI takes pride in operating with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism with a total commitment to FDCPA compliance. Our highest priority is to protect the reputation of our company and the reputation of our clients.  We follow industry best practices with regular training, testing, monitoring and company policies to ensure the most stringent adherence to all federal and state laws. 


We deliver only reliable, current and actionable data that gives our clients the highest revenue potential.  
Our Data is 100% guaranteed for active employment and right party information.


A thorough internet search should include hundreds of search variations done across a broad range of websites. However, this deep level of searching is cost prohibitive when done manually.  GHI automates this searching process, allowing for a much deeper search across a wider range of internet sources.  This unique process enables our company to locate Place of Employment information when all other companies are unsuccessful.

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