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Locating Place of Employment information when all other companies are unsuccessful.

What is the GHI Advantage?

GHI automates the internet searching process by using custom programmed web scrapers (also known as screen scrapers or internet bots).  Our web scrapers give a much deeper search than a manual skip tracer by performing exponentially more search variations, with the speed and accuracy that humans can not touch. 

Broad Data Sources

GHI leverages the efficiency of automation to perform a much deeper search across a wider range of data sources, including public records, search engines, commercially available data sources, and social networking sites.

Right Party Information

Hundreds of ambiguous search results for each individual are brought together into a quantitative analysis environment.  Our proprietary software gives our data research team the analytical tools to systematically determine relevance of data,  establish relationships between data points and to triangulate right party information with near 100% accuracy. 

Verified Active Employment

Potential new Places of Employment are manually verified by our professional and courteous verification team.   Our verification team records all phone calls and is well trained in FDCPA compliance.  We also continually audit our callers and management team to ensure compliance with federal and state laws.

Continuous Monitoring

GHI monitors each individual's internet footprint for the life of a placement, providing our clients with a significant lift in POE location rate.  Automation allows GHI to continuously monitor a wide range of internet sources for newly created profiles or changes to the POE information on existing profiles.

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